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What’s the number one thing standing in your way of reaching your entrepreneurial goals?

Before anyone made their millions, they first had to overcome certain obstacles. And the three biggest obstacles are time, money and proper planning… at least that’s what most people are led to believe.

Save Time, Money, and the HeadachesSIGN UP HEREPerhaps it is the knowledge needed to acquire all of these things. When starting a new business or expanding an existing business many operators make mistakes and don’t even realize that they are doing so. It is crucial to have a person who can assist you through your confusing early stages of business or your critical expansion phases to make sure you are on the right track for success.

Our mentors are successful business owners who have a track record in helping people establish their own business and help them by taking them to the next level. It is vital to have an objective party assess the efficiency of your business to ensure you are profiting the most you can.
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Don’t just survive. Prosper. Get a Business Mentor.

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What is a Business Mentor?

A business mentor is a person who is experienced in business and wants to use their experience and skills to help others achieve their goals as well.

Business mentoring means working on a one to one basis with another person. You can learn a lot from mentoring business professionals, and if you find someone you can really identify with it could be a highly beneficial relationship for you both.

Mentoring does not involve employing a consultant or employee to help run your business. It’s a relationship between you, the entrepreneur, and someone with business experience that can guide you through tough decisions, point out ways of improving your business and offer general support within a trusted relationship.

What is Online Business Mentoring?

Online business mentoring or 'e-mentoring' is an interactive, remote relationship between an aspiring entrepreneur or an established entrepreneur and an experienced or trusted business advisor or guide, often referred to as a mentor.

Some mentoring relationships are exclusively online, while others can involve a mixture of face-to-face and online contact.

This type of mentoring is popular with people who prefer a more informal mentoring relationship. It also works well when it's difficult for entrepreneurs and business mentors to meet face to face, such as geographical reasons.

How online business mentoring works?

Business mentors use online forums and websites - similar to social networking sites - where they share their knowledge and experience. The mentor applies to register as a mentor, is vetted by the website and then has their profile viewed by potential mentees. The mentee is then free to contact the mentor. There is no reason why once this relationship is established it can't turn into a more formal mentoring relationship.

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