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do it yourself software from Standard Legal

Get the right preparation and mindset before jumping into a business.

For only $497.00.  No other fees required with this program.

This program is a requirement for you to crank up your emotional skills which are crucial for business success.

It is designed to allow you the startup entrepreneur an early, objective set of gears to bounce ideas off.

Further, it arms you with workable solutions to some of day-to-day challenges that start up entrepreneurs face.

It is important to identify what might be some personal challenges in front of you right now and why so that you are prepared for upcoming challenges.

Weekly Internet training calls is a bonus you will get in this program.

Free EBooks

Guest Call from industry specific notable.

Upon completion of this program you will have explored many of the hallmarks of entrepreneurial thinking and will be adequately supplied with insights of what emotional challenges exist that might influence your business success now and later on.


The encouragement and extra boost of knowledge needed to determine if owning your own business is right for you.

With, Mentoring is a professional activity, a trusted relationship, a meaningful commitment.


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