Becoming an Entrepreneur -- When You're 50-Plus.

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NOW this program is especially suited for our more mature (50+) clients looking for a profitable second chapter in their lives It is an introduction to small business ownership for 50+ entrepreneurs.

It is the best program for recent retires wishing to continue working after retirement; persons want a way out from the debt cycle; reduction in force personnel; and those who may wish to explore Internet business opportunities, best work at home options, and top performing low cost franchise opportunities including online franchise opportunities through web-based resources. Also, it is for those who still want to achieve more in life during in their golden age period.

During this period of online mentoring you will gain the benefits of our online business mentoring in helping you start and grow your business quicker and with less money and stress.

PRICE:  $497.00.

This program will be followed by a special arranged meet up with a franchise consultant and your business mentor to get you up and running.

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