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Our strategy centers on being the premier provider of professional development for those engaged in the creation and operation of small business and the creation of jobs inAmerica. strategies emphasize long term goals of the business.

This includes the stages from product development to liquidation.

Our focus is on the service industries where many small business jobs are created. The term small business includes those businesses with less than 500 employees.

For the startup business in the idea phase, we provide clear, easy to learn, put-it-to-work approaches designed to the new business owner to become more effective during the their formative years.

Online Business Mentoring is specific HELP!  It is not coaching.  It is not intended to be a forever event.  Our business mentors bring to each relationship differing talents and means with consistency of purpose.

Our business mentoring process involves four steps:

1.  Selection of a mentor.

2.  Establishment of a mentoring agreement that includes desired goals. This step may also include some initial assessments that serve as a baseline for the business owner to assess his or her progress.

3. Begin Mentoring Program.

4. Post-mentoring assessments.

Our programs for startup companies are cost efficient as well as cost effective.

One can actually start an engagement with for under $500.

For our American warriors, a bit less.  Contact us for details.